Burrell Perry is the youngest of the seven Perry brothers who purportedly migrated from Isle of Wight county, Virginia to Bute and Franklin counties, North Carolina; however,it should be noted that that this claim, so oft repeated, is largely unsubstantiated by written documentation and is based upon evidence, tradition and the work of researchers long since dead. As Virginia was an English colony and practiced primogeniture it isn't unreasonable to assume that an older, eldest brother remained in Virginia to inherit their father's property. The brothers who moved to NC are Jeremiah, Burrell, Francis, Joshua, John, William and Nathaniel. Their given names are frequently repeated in subsequent generations. As far as is known Burrell is the first Perry so named. ( Burrell is also Burwell.) He and at least two of his brothers named sons Burrell or Burwell and they, in turn, named sons Burrell, too.
And therein lies the difficulty of determining which of the many Burrell Perrys is our own. Many talented and skilled researchers have attempted to determine his parentage with either limited or erroneous results. My own determination of his being the son of the first or "old" Burrell Perry and his wife, Elizabeth Massey, is wrong; he isn't. But I do think he belongs to these Perrys. It is my hope to ascertain his correct lineage, prove his marriage to Mary Ann, and identify his children with their correct mother. Also, I desire to verify if Mary Ann actually is a Rainwater. With that in mind, I welcome any and all information from others.
Several of Burwell's descendants have organized a research group and we invite anyone researching these Perrys to join. Cooperation and diligence are the tools of genealogists!
Our Burwell Perry is not the son of the first Burwell. He was born circa 1772 in NC and died between May 25 and December 25, 1840 in Washington county, Texas. He married first before 1790 to Mary Ann Rainwater, possible daughter of James Rainwater of Surry county, NC, and secondly, Jane Batts or Botts on January 5,1838 in Washington county, Texas. He was an active participant in the formation of the American South,yet,is unknown to history. He witnessed the American Revolution and the birth of America; he was numbered among the earliest residents of such places as Georgia, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas and, perhaps, Tennessee. His residences predated statehood in all but Georgia. He rubbed shoulders with history but left few tracks in her wake. What he did leave arouses the desire in his descendants to know more of him. What we have learned already will be added to these pages with the fervent hope that someone may have or will find the information we seek.

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