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A Possible Tennessee Connection

by Steve Watson

I have some circumstantial evidence that Burrell Perry may be the son of Drury Perry who died in Wilson Co., TN in 1814. There was a Burrell Perry there with Drury and a Nathaniel Perry. I believe that this Drury Perry is the son of Nathaniel Perry who died in Franklin Co. NC in 1790. Nathaniel Perry's will mentions his sons Drury and Ephraim, and his grandson, Nathaniel Perry, son of Drury Perry. A Burrell Perry was there with Drury and Nathaniel in 1803, 1804 and maybe 1805, but seems to have left by then. I believe this may be our Burrell. Our Burrell had a son named Richardson Perry who died at the Alamo, and there is a Richardson Perry there with Drury and Nathaniel in Wilson Co., TN who I believe may have been a brother to Burrell. This Richardson Perry I believe died in the war of 1812, and his inventory is filed in Williamson Co., TN in 1815. Also our Burrell had a son named Nathaniel who died in Newton Co., TX in 1859/1860.

These my notes about Drury and Burrell, Nathaniel and Richardson Perry.

1766 North Carolina Taxpayers 1685-1799 Page 156.
DRURY PERRY ------------ Bute Co. 

1778 Bute Co., N.C. Court Minutes list of persons qualified 
to vote who were administered the Oath of Alligance to the 
State Of North Carolina. Mr. Norris District Drury Perry

August 10, 1786 Franklin Co., N.C. Deed Records Book 2 Page 
178. State of N.C. grant #135 to DREWRY PERRY for 514 acres 
of land in Franklin Co, NC on the waters of Flat Rock Creek 
adjoining Nathaniel Perry, John Perry, Richards, Woodburn, 
and Arendell.

1790 Census Halifax Dist., Franklin Co. N.C.
    Perry, Drury 2 Free WhiteMales 16 and up 2 Free White Males under 16 5 Free White Females 4 Slaves

February 17, 1794 Franklin Co.,NC Deed Records Book 10 Page 
227. William Greene, Esquire, Sheriff of Franklin Co., to 
THOMAS ARENDELL, Feb. 17, 1794, at public sale for 21/10/- 
a tract of 262 acres sold as the lands of REBEKAH PERRY, 
deceased, now in the hands of EPHRAIM PERRY and DRURY 
PERRY, her heirs, whereon she formerly lived lying on 
the south side of Crooked Creek and bounded by the lands 

November 20, 1794, Franklin Co., NC Deed Records Book 11
Page 93. DRURY PERRY sold land. wit: Nathaniel Perry.

March 15, 1798, Franklin Co., NC Deed Records Book 11 
Page 25. DRURY PERRY sold land, witnessed by Nathaniel 

May 17, 1799, Franklin Co., NC Deed Records Book 9 Page 
83. DRURY PERRY sold land, witnessed by EPHRAIM PERRY.

From Wilson Co., TN, Wills Books 1-13, 1802-1850. 
DRURY PERRY Inventory.  25, April 1814.  George Smith, 
administrator. Recorded 6 September 1814.  (P. 1.)
DRURY PERRY Sale. George Smith administrator. Among 
Buyers Richardson Perry, Mary Perry, Nathaniel Perry. 
Recorded 1 June 1816 (P. 141).

From " Tennesseans in the War of 1812 ", by Byron and 
Samuel Sistler. (Pg 401.)
PERRY, RICHARDSON. Pvt. Col. John Cocke. Capt. John 
Dalton. Inf. died 4-16-1815.(This may be the RICHARDSON 
PERRY whose will or administration is cited above, and 
could be the name sake of Burrell Perry's son Richardson).

PERRY, RICHARDSON. Pvt. Col. Williamson, Capt. Williams. 
Vol. Mtd. Gunmen.(This could be the Richardson Perry who 
was enumerated on the 1830 MS census in Hancock Co.....)

PERRY, BUD. Pvt. Col. Wm. Johnson, Capt. James Stewart, 
E, TN Drafted Mil.(Could this be a nickname for Burrell? 
There was a BUD Perry mentioned in several letters 
regarding Burrell in MS).
PERRY, NATHANIEL. Pvt. Regiment commander omitted. 
Capt.Edwin S. Moore. Mtd Rifleman.(Could this be the 
same Nathaniel Perry who was in Wilson Co., TN?).

From  " Marriages of Wilson Co. Tennessee 1802-1850 ", 
by Edythe Rucker Whitley.
Odom, BM. Page 10.  (Could this be one of the above 
cited Richardson Perry's?).
BM. page 7. (My Burrell Perry also had a daughter named 
Polly, who was born about 1819, this Polly could possibly 
be a sister/daughter with her brother/father Richardson 
as BM?).

From "TN. Ansearchin News" Vol. 41, pgs. 74-75.
"Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee" 
complaining that an act of previous session shorted
Wilson Co. of 155 square miles. Sept. 30, 1803. 
    Burrill Pery Drury Perry Nath'l Perry

by Thomas E. Partlow.  Page 1.
BURWELL PERRY indicted by the Grand Jury. Fined three 
dollars and costs. He is in the custody of the Sheriff. 
Recorded June term 1804. (p. 45).

State vs Burrell Perry Indictment. The defendent came in & 
submits to the mercy of the court. It is therefore ordered 
by the court that the Defendant be fined three dollars and 
fifty cents & costs & that he be in custody of the sheriff 
until same be paid.

compiled by Thomas E. Partlow.
    1803 CAPTAIN CRAWLEY'S DISTRICT. PAGE 5. NUMBER NAME ACRES LOCATION 188. Perry, Drury 90 Cedar Lick 189. Perry, Nathaniel 320 Cedar Lick 1804 CAPTAIN CRAWLEY'S MILITIA DISTRICT NO. 6 PAGE 24 529. PERRY, BURWELL (no acreage listed) (no location listed) 530. PERRY, NATHANIEL 360 SPENCER CREEK 531. PERRY, DRURY 90 CEDAR LICK 532. PERRY, NATHANIEL 500 CEDAR LICK 1807 CAPTAIN JOINERS DISTRICT. PAGE 109. 187. PERRY, RICHARDSON (no acreage listed) 188. PERRY, DRURY 90 Cedar Lick 189. PERRY, NATHANIEL 150

WILLS 1800-1902 " by Thomas E. Partlow. 
Page 159 DEED BOOK A.  
Adam Tooley of Sumner Co. to Nathaniel Perry 320 acres 
on Cedar Lick. 26, June 1800.  (page 53-54).

Page 174 DEED BOOK A .  Sheriff Nathaniel Perry of Wilson 
County to Ebenezer Donelsen 640 acres in Wilson County.
26, November 1802. (pp 357-358).

Page 178 DEED BOOK A. NATHANIEL PERRY to Reddick Bridges 
of Sumner Co. A tract of land on Spencer's Creek. 4 May 
1804. (p. 406).

June 26, 1800, Wilson Co., TN Deed Records Book A Pages 
53-54. Adam Tooley of Sumner Co. sold to Nathaniel Perry 
of Wilson Co., TN for $320, 320 acres on Cedar Lick Creek.

November 26, 1802 Wison Co., TN Deed Records Book A Pages 
357-358. Sheriff Nathaniel Perry of Wilson Co., TN sold 
(at Auction 640 acres belonging to Cornelius Dabney in 
satisfaction of a judgement) to Blake Rutland and Ebenezer 
Donelson by court order.

May 4, 1804 Wilson Co., TN Deed Records Book A Page 406. 
Nathaniel Perry of Wilson Co., TN sold to Reddick Bridges 
of Sumner Co., TN for $360, 360 acres on Spencers Creek.

February 21, 1807, Wilson Co., TN Deed Records, Book B.
Pages 422-423.  James Everett sold to DRURY PERRY for 
$400, 90 acres out of the Robert Mitchell tract near 
Cedar Lick Creek.

April 1, 1809, Wilson Co., TN Deed Records Book D Pages 
145-146. The State of TN conveyed to Nathaniel Perry,
(assignee of James Winchester, by virtue of part of 
certificate No. 289 dated August 19th 1807) 580 acres 
in Wilson Co. in the first district on the waters of 
Little Cedar Lick.

August 10, 1809, Wilson Co., TN Deed Records Book F Page 
297. Nathaniel Perry of Rutherford Co., TN sold to Sampson 
Bridges for $200, 70 acres of land near Cedar Lick Creek. 
wit: Drury Perry & Danyl Thylman.

August 14, 1809, Wilson Co., TN Deed Records Book D Page 350. 
NOTE to Drury Perry of Wilson Co. TN and Nathaniel Perry of 
Rutherford Co., TN in the amount of $500 for the purchase of 
290 acres of land in 2 tracts. (1) 90 acres granted from Robert 
Mitchell to Drury Perry and (2) 200 acres granted to Nathaniel 
Perry near Little Cedar Lick.

February 22, 1810 Wilson Co., TN Deed Records Book E page 3. 
Nathaniel Perry of Rutherford Co., TN sold to William Spicer 
for $100, 40 acres on Little Cedar Lick Creek.

by Thomas E. Partlow.

580 acres to Nathaniel Perry. 1 April 1809. (p. 145).

Page 34 DEED BOOK D.  DRURY PERRY of Wilson Co. and Nathaniel 
Perry of Rutherford County, to John Douglas, Reuben Cate, and 
William H. Douglas 290 acres in Wilson Co. 15, August 1809. 
(page 350). (This ties Drury and Nathaniel together, Nathaniel 
has now moved over to Rutherford,CO. from Wilson Co).

April 25, 1814, Wilson Co., TN Wills & Inventories 1814 Page 1. 
An Inventory of the personal estate of DRURY PERRY deceased, 
April 25th 1814 Wilson County Tennessee  ???
3Head of Horses. 3 Head of Cattle   18 Head of Hogs  
1 Table  1 Pot  1 Oven   4 Chairs A Plough 1 pr Geirs 
2 Dishes  4 Plates  A Axe  3 Weeding Hoes  14 head of Geese  
2 Beds & furniture 1 Bedstand
signed: George Smith Administrator
State of Tennessee{ Wilson County}        { June Term 1814 }

The foregoing Inventory of the property of DRURY PERRY 
deceased was exhibited in court by G Smith the administrator 
and ??? ordered to be recorded.          Jno. Allcorn
The same recorded the 6th Sept 1814  Jno Allcorn Clk 

Also two of Burrell Perry's children state their place 
of birth as TN. Orville Perry (b: ca: 1802) states this 
on the 1860 census and Louraney (b: ca: 1802)states this 
on the 1850 census.  However, it is stated as MS on other 
census years.

by Leila Mayberry

I recently visited the library at Chattanooga.  I had 
only a very short time for research wanted to look for 
any possible link with our Burrell Perry to Tennessee.  
I did not do a thorough search as I simply did not 
have the time.  I did find the following Perrys in 
the 1810 Tennessee census:
    Burrel Perry - Rutherford co, pg.35 - M 21010 - F 31101 - 9 slaves Nath'l Perry - Rutherford co, p.35 - M 10010 - F 00100 - 0 Sl John Perry - Green co., p.0 - M 22001 - F 20110 - 0 Sl Seth Perry - Green co., p. 0 - M 00010 - F 00000 - 0 Sl
There's a couple of Peerys in Green county, too. I found Burrel and Nathaniel Perry in land deeds from @ 1800 - 1840s. My observation, at this time, is that the Burrell Perry in Tennessee is no more likely to be our Burrell than is the Wake county, NC Burrell or even "old" Burrell himself. Our Burrell was definitely in Mississippi by 1803 - 1805 as verified by the census. Once again, my attention is drawn more to Georgia than elsewhere for his family. I'm certainly not ruling anything out - Old Burrell taught me that lesson - but I have some serious reservations about any Tennessee connection for our Burrell Perry unless and until further information is forthcoming. I emphasize my time in the library was extremely limited and this was a very rudimentary search.