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Descendants of William PEREY


    1) William PEREY resided in Water, Devon, England.(1)
      +2 i. William PEREY +3 ii. Roger PERY


    2) William PEREY resided in Water, Devon, England.(2)
      4 i. William PEREY resided in Water, Devon, England. (4) William had only daughters )
    3) Roger PERY resided in 1532 in Exeter, England. He was a Merchant in Exeter, England.(6,7) Roger was admitted a freeman of Exeter by apprenticeship and later became a merchant in Exeter.
      +5 i. William PERY +6 ii. Richard PERY


    5) William PERY was a Merchant in 1560 in Exeter, England. (8)William imported raisins, figs and wine, presumably from Spain and the Mediterranean. He, along with his brother, is specifically named as merchants trading to Spain and Portugal and as founding members in Queen Elizabeth's charter of 1577 incorporating the Spanish Company. He resided in 1578 in Exeter, England.(9) He was a Bailiff in 1578 in Exeter, England.(10) He died in 1590.(11) He was married to Alice ILCOMB (daughter of John ILCOMB). Alice ILCOMB resided in 1592 in Plymouth, England.(12) The children of William and Alice Pery are:
      7 i. William PERY was christened 1563 in Exeter, England.(13) He was born about 1563 in Exeter, England.(14) He resided in 1600 in Limerick, Ireland.(15,16) He was a Merchant in 1600 in Limerick,Ireland.(17) He died in 1633.(18) Named his nephew Edmond as his executor, resideuary legatee and principal heir. +8 ii. Henry PERY
    6) Richard PERY resided between 1575 and 1595 in Exeter, England.(19,20) Richard resided near the catherdral in the parish of St. Petrock, of which he was churchwarden in 1583-1585. He was a Merchant in 1580 in Exeter, England.(21) Richard is found in the Exeter port books in the 1580s importing wine and other goods from Spain or Portugal. He, along with his brother, is specifically named as merchants trading to Spain and Portugal and as founding members in Queen Elizabeth's charter of 1577 incorporating the Spanish Company. He was a Bailiff in 1585 in Exeter, England.(22) He died in 1621 in St.Edmonds, Exeter, England and was buried there in 1621 (23). He resided in St. Edmonds, Exeter, England.(24) Parish registers show that Richard had 9 sons.
      9 i. Phillip PERY was born in 1577 10 ii. Richard PERY was born in 1578 and died in 1579 11 iii. Roger PERY was born in 1579 and died in 1618. He was buried in 1618 in St. Edmonds, Exeter, England.(25) +12 iv. Richard PERY 13 v. John PERY was born in 1581. He was christened in 1581 in St. Petrock, Exeter, England. (26) He died in 1629. He was a Merchant in London, England.(27) 14 vi. (H)Osea PERY was born in 1584 15 vii. Edward PERY was born in 1585 and died in 1622. He was buried in 1622 in St. Edmonds, Exeter, England.(28) 16 viii. Thomas PERY was born in 1586 17 ix. William PERY was christened in 1581 in St.Petrock, Exeter,England.(29) He was born in 1588 and died in 1619. He was buried in 1619 in St. Edmonds, Exeter, England.(30) 18 x. Elizabeth PERY was born in 1590


    8) Henry PERY(31) resided 1587 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England.(32) He was a Merchant.(33) Probably connected with the cloth trade. He owned no real estate. He was married to Richarda PLATYR in 1587.(34) Richarda PLATYR resided in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England. (35) Buckland Monachorum is a few miles north of Plymouth.
      +19 i. William PERY 20 ii. Thomas PERY was christened in 1595 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England.(36) He was born about 1595 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England 21 iii. Henry PERY was christened in 1597 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England.(37) He was born about 1597 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England. He resided in Plymouth, England.(38) He was a Merchant in Plymouth, England.(39) Traded with Virginia in the 1620s +22 iv. Edmund PERY 12) Richard PERY(40,41) was born in 1580. He was christened in 1580 in St. Petrock, Exeter, England.(42) He was a Merchant before 1611 in London, England.(43) He resided in 1611 in Cadiz.(44) He was selling English woolen cloth for London merchants. He resided in 1615 in St.Pancras, Soper Lane, London.(45) He was a Merchant in 1615 in St.Pancras, Soper Lane, London.(46) He was admitted by redemption to the freedom of the Company of Merchant Taylors of which he subsequently became a liveryman (1627), assistant (1643), and warden (1645). He resided between 1621 and 1650 in St. Antholins, London, England.(47) He was a Liveryman in 1627 in St. Antholins, London. He was an Assistant in 1643 in St.Antholins, London(48) He was a Warden in 1645 in St.Antholins,London, England.(49) He died in 1650. Richard Pery early became interested in the Virginia Company of London and received at least one small land grant in the colony. A lawsuit preserves the record of a venture of #300 worth of woollen cloth and other good which he exported to Virginia in partnership with James Carter, a London shipmaster and trader, who went out with the goods only to die in Virginia. When Carter made his will there in 1626, he directed that all the tobacco remaining on hand at the time of his death be consigned for sale to his "kinsmen" Richard and John Pery, merchants of London. Shortly there after John went out to Virginia to look after the affairs of his firm in the colony, persumably including the Carter estate. He also died in Virginia, having first made his will there on 26 June 1628 at Perry's Point near James City with William Pery as witness. He left bequests of twenty shillings to the poor of the parishes of St. Antholin, London, where he resided, and St. Edmunds, Exeter,and the town of Plymouth (suggesting that he had resided there after Exeter). He also left middling bequests to various kinfolk,including the wido (widow) of James Carter, his cousin, Susanne (nee Pery), originally from Plymouth or its vicinity. The residue of his estate went to his brother Richard and children. Richard was involved in the Massachusetts Bay Company as well. He was elected an "assistant" of the colony and so named in the charter of 1628. But he did not emigrate with most of the others. He stayed in London when many royalists left and (was)rewarded by being made a warden of the Merchant Taylors Company in 1643-1645. In 1648 he was named by Parliament a commissioner to collect taxes in his ward. He was married to Dunes HICKS 1615 in St.Pancras, Soper Lane, London.(50) Dunes HICKS died in 1653/54 in St. Antholins, London, England.(51)
        +23 i. Richard PERY 24 ii. John PERY was born before 1621.(52) He died 1632 in St.Antholins, London, England.(53) 25 iii. Peter PERY was born 1621 in St.Antholins, London, (54) and died 1654 in St.Antholins, London, England.(55) +26 iv. Susanna PERY 27 v. Nathaniel PERY(56) was born 1625 in St. Antholins, London, England.(57,58) died in infancy 28 vi. Joseph PERY(59) was born 1627 in St. Antholins, London,England.(60,61) He died in 1630 in infancy at St. Antholins, London, England.(62) 29 vii. PERY(63)was born in St.Antholins,London,England. (64) died in infancy


      19) William PERY(65) was christened in 1592 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England.(66) He was born about 1592 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England. He immigrated in 1611 to Virginia.(67) He died in 1637. (68). He resided in Virginia(69). He was a Virginia Councillor in Virginia. (70) John Perry of London
      visited Virginia in the 1620s and stayed with Captain William at Perry's Point on the James River and asked William to witness his will. William PERY had the following children: 30 i. Henry PERY(71) died in 1661.(72) He was a Virginia Councillor in Virginia.(73) He resided in Virginia.(74) Called his estate, Buckland, presumably after his fathers origination at Buckland Monachorum. 22) Edmund PERY was christened in 1599 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England.(75) He was born about 1599 in Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England. He resided after 1600 in Limerick, Ireland.(76,77) He immigrated in 1620 to Limerick, Ireland.78 He died in 1655.(79) He was married to SEXTON (daughter of Stephen SEXTON).(80) 23) Richard PERY(81,82) was born before 1621. He resided in 1639 in New Haven, CT.(83) He resided in 1651 in England. (84) Richard and his family left New Haven in 1651 to return to England and join his father in law who had left the colony a year earlier. He immigrated between 1657 and 1660 to County Tipperary,Ireland.(85) He immigrated with all his children except Micaiah since he was already apprenticed in London at Michaelmas. Richard was an ultra-Puritan: showing the strength of his youthful convictions by emigrating in the late 1630s to New England and participating in the foundation of New Haven. That settlement was planted by a group of London Puritans led by John Davenport, a minister who had given up his benefice in the Laudian church, and Theophilus Eaton, and Eastland merchant of London. The register of the First Church in New Haven record the birth of five of their children: Mary (1640), Micaiah (1641), Samuel (1645), John (1647), and Grace (1649). He was married to Mary MALBON (daughter of Richard MALBON) in 1639 in New Haven,CT.(86)Richard PERY and Mary MALBON had the following children:
        +31 i. Mary PERY +32 ii. Micaiah PERY +33 iii. John PERY 34 iv. Samuel PERY was born 1645 in New Haven, CT.(87) 35 v. Grace PERY was born 1649 in New Haven, CT.(88) 36 vi. Peter PERY was born in 1651.(89) 37 vii. Ebenezer PERY(90)
      26) Susanna PERY was born 1623 in St. Antholins, London, England.(91) She died in 1657 in St.Antholins, London, England.(92) She was married to William WHITTLE after 1655 in St. Antholins, London, England.(93) Susanna PERY and William WHITTLE had the following children:
        38 i. Esther WHITTLE(94)


      31) Mary PERY was born in 1640.(95) She was married to ... LOWE and had the following children:
        39 i. John LOWE 40 ii. Micajah LOWE died in 1703 41 iii. Susanna LOWE 42 iv. Mary LOWE +43 v. Johanna LOWE
      32) Micaiah PERY was born in 1641 in New Haven, CT.(96) He died in 1721. He was married to Ann OWEN (daughter of Dr.Richard OWEN) on 20 Oct. 1663 in St.Swithin, London, England.(97) Ann OWEN was born in 1639.(98) She died in 1689.(99) Micaiah PERY and Ann OWEN had the following children:
        +44 i. Richard PERY 45 ii. Micaja PERY was born 1670.(100) She died in 1693.(101)
      33) John PERY was born in 1647 in New Haven, CT.(102) He died in 1710. He was married to Elizabeth RIALL and had the following children:
        46 i. John PERY


      43) Johanna LOWE was married to John JARRETT/GARRETT and had the following children:
        +47 i. Elizabeth JARRETT
      44) Richard PERY died in Apr 1720.(103,104) He was married to Sarah RICHARDS in 1694.(105) Sarah RICHARDS died in 1756 in Greenwich, Kent, England.(106) Richard PERY and Sarah RICHARDS had the following children:
        +48 i. Micajah PERY +49 ii. Sarah PERY 50 iii. Phillip PERY(107) was born in 1703.(108) He resided in 1739 in East Greenwich, Kent, England.(109) He died in 1762 in Greenwich, Kent, England.(110,111) No children +51 iv. Elizabeth PERY 52 v. Mary PERY 53 vi. PERY 54 vii. PERY 55 viii. PERY 56 ix. PERY 57 x. PERY 58 xi. PERY


      47) Elizabeth JARRETT was married to John TYLER 48) Micajah PERY112 was born in 1695.(113) He was a Lord Mayor of London in 1738/39 in London, England.(114) He died on 22 Jan 1753 in Bath, England (115,116) No children were born to Micajah. He was married to Elizabeth COCKE (daughter of Richard COCKE)in 1721 in London, England.(117) Elizabeth COCKE was born in 1699. (118) She died in Oct 1738.(119,120) She was buried in Church at Epsom, England.(121) 49) Sarah PERY (122) was born 1702.(123) She died in 1763. (124) No children were born to Sarah. She was married to William HEYSHAM in 1719.(125) William HEYSHAM was born in 1691.(126) He died in 1727.(127) 51) Elizabeth PERY died in 1787(128). She was married to Salusbury CADE in 1733.(129) Salusbury CADE was born in 1696.(130) He died in 1773.(131) Elizabeth and Salusbury CADE had the following children:
        +59 i. Philip CADE +60 ii. Sarah CADE


      59) Philip CADE was married to Catherine WHITWORTH in 1766. (132) Philip CADE and Catherine WHITWORTH had the following children:
        61 i. Salusbury CADE was born 1767.(133) He died in Jamaica.(134) 62 ii. Benjamin CADE was born in 1768.(135) +63 iii. Catherine CADE
      He was married to Elizabeth PETLEY.(136) Elizabeth PETLEY was born in 1744.(137) She died in 1799.(138) 60) Sarah CADE was born in 1739.(139) She died in 1810.(140) She was married to Benjamin HARENC.(141) Benjamin HARENC was born in 1735.(142) He died in 1812.(143)


      63. Catherine CADE was born 1769 (144) She married to James Tanzia SAVARY.(145)

    Prepared by: Dennis Perry SOURCES

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