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As St.Tammany and Washington parishes Louisiana and Hancock county Mississippi are adjecently located along the Pearl River, the boundary between both states, and the Perrys lived in both places, I'm including records for both in the same chapter.

1805 - Willis, Hiram & Burrill in Warren county, Ga; Washington co, Mississippi Territory census: Burrell Perry, Richard Rainwater, Jessee Rainwater 1806 - Burrell & Easter sell their land in Warren co, Ga 1807 - Burrell signs a passport recommendation; letter of dismission for Brother Burrell Perry 15 march 1807 ( Warren co, Ga.){not our Burrell.} Washington parish, La: Jesse Rainwater 1808 - Washington parish, La: Burwell Perry, Jesse Rainwater; Burrell sells the southern half of his claim on Mill Creek to Thomas Malone 1809 - Burrell claims 600 arpens of land on Stoney Creek now in Pearl River county. ( Judge Harry Toulmin represented Burrell in the 1808 sale and witnessed his right for the 1809 grant; the Spanish permit was issued 12 June 1810. The U.S. Land Office at Jackson, Ms. issued the final certificate in favor of Burwell Perry on 19 August 1909 for this grant in P. R. county - 101 years after it was first issued!)

Petition to Congress by Inhabitants East of Pearl River" {May, 1809} under {Subscribers to copy of the Memorial found in the Senate Files} {Read December 13, 1809}: Burrell Perry, Orvill Perry, and Bud Perry The Mississippi Territorial petition of 1809: There are no Perry's listed on the petition that is found in the House of Representatives files, but is in the the Senate files, and dated December 13, 1809, and you have "... Daniel Wotem, Burrell Perry, Hardy Woten, Amos Reed, Squire Reed, Orville Perry, Bud Perry, Wilkings Neely ..." Further, each of the names that were signed by mark are so indicated. Therefore, we must assume that Burrell, Orville and Bud were able to write their names.

"Petition To The President And Congress By Inhabitants of Washington County MS" {Referred February 7, 1809}: Burrell Perry (no Bud and no Orville)

1810 - Washington parish, La: Jesse Rainwater, 40a; Saml. Perry, Richard Rainwater, Nathan Perry ( all had 1 white poll ) 1811 - Richard Rainwater, Samuel Perry, Darling Perry, Jesse Rainwater 1813 - Washington parish, La. Book A-1, p.54: Burrell Perry sold a slave; Newsome Rainwater sold to firm of Ott and Revell patented 160a land granted by Congress as military bounties, bearing date 1809 with patent granted John Patterson; Patent granted Newsome Rainwater #19609, patent granted Edward Rainwater #19610, patent granted William Rainwater #19611 all being in the tract appropriated for military boundaries (bounties) in the Territory of Missouri. Mary Ann Perry marries Jeremiah Henley, Hancock co, Ms. 1815 - The following record may or may not explain one of the children in Burrell's household. Thomas Hale came from Barnwell county SC in 1810 as a widower with one child. ( Passports of Southeastern Pioneers 1770-1823, Dorothy Potter, p. 271 ) He was a private in Lt.Col. Nixon's Regiment in the war of 1812 and died August 14, 1814. In the Hancock county Orphans Court, November 10, 1815, Burrell Perry applied for and was appointed the especial (sic)administrator of Thomas Hale, deceased. ( Thomas Anderson was Chief Justice of the orphans Court.) The sex and age of this child are unknown. And, did Burrell keep and raise the child. Was this child enumerated in his household in any of the censuses? Why did Burrell seek this administration? Is it possibly because Thomas Hale was a relative of his or Mary Annís? All questions without answers. 1816 - Ms. State census: Burrell Perry, Hancock co ( p 140 ); Jesse Rainwater, Washington co; Richard Rainwater, Clarke co. 1819 - Washington parish, La: Burrell Perry & Newsome Rainwater had land grant together; Edward Rainwater 1820 - Ms. State Census: Burl Perry, Hancock co with 5M 0- 10, 2M 10 -15, 2M 16-25, 1M 26-44, 1M 45+ and 2F 0-10, 1F 10-15, 2F 26-44, 2 F 45+ US Census: Burrell Perry, Hancock co with 5M 0-10, 2M 10-16; 1M 16-18, 1M 18-26, 1M 26-45, 1M 45+ and 2F 0-10, 1F 10-16, 2F 26-45, 1F 45+ ( one less than the state census; is this due to death or marriage?)

10 Nov 1824, Land Dist. E. of the Island of New Orleans - In conformance with Cert.No.1, Warrant No.148 issued by the Board of Commissioners at Jackson Court House [MS], a survey of a tract of 506.76 acres of land on the waters of the Pearl River was made by Depty. Surveyor Peter MacCASKILL for Burrell PERRY (Plat drawn) [Correctly copied for official record of Claims, Surveyor's Office, Jackson, MI, 1 Jun 1847, /s/ C.A.BRADFORD, Surveyor South of Tennessee]. [Xerox copy provided to JLR by Steve WATSON of Austin, TX (official citation not indicated) NOTE:This is in the area of Pearl River Co. & Hancock Co., MS, and Washington Par. & St.Tammany Par.,LA.

1830 - Census; Simpson co, Ms. Burrell Perry (who?); Hancock co, Ms: Richardson Perry with 1M 10-15, 1F 20-30 and 1F 50-60; Washington parish, La.: Orvil Perry

(August 10, 1835; McLean, PAPERS CONCERNING ROBERTSON'S COLONY IN TEXAS, Volume XI page 276. Collection of Mrs. T.S. Sutherland, Sr. MEMORANDUM OF ORVILLE PERRY)

    Orville Perry 34 years old state of Louisiana Mary Ann 24 Lucinda 5 John 4 James 2

October 29, 1850; 1850 Census Washington Parish LA. Pg.448, Lines 23-31:

    Orvil Perry 50 M Laborer Miss. Mary " 40 F La. James " 14 M " Burrell " 11 M " Elizabeth " 09 F " Polly " 07 F " Griffin " 06 M " William " 05 M " Hardison " 04 M " Evaline " 02 F "

December 12, 1859. Orval Perry and wife Mary Ann Perry of Washington Parish, Louisiana, for $5,550 sign a deed to James Johnston of Robertson Co., TX and Hamilton Obanion of Waller Co., TX for their interest in that League of land granted to the said Orville Perry as a Colonist in Texas of Robertson's Colony situated in Burleson Co., TX on Yegua Creek. Signed Orville Perry and Mary Ann Perry by her "+" mark. Witnesses by M.O. Rorke and John E Morris and notarized by J.A. Erwin, Recorder of Washington Parish LA on December 12, 1859. Filed on January 16,1860 and Recorded in Book G Pages 139 & 140, Burleson Co., TX Deed Records.

June 6, 1860; 1860 Census Washington Parish LA. Pg.773, Lines 16-25. Hse# /Fam# /Name /Age /Sex /Occupation /Value-RE /Value-PE /POB

    #64 /#60 / Orvill Perry / 58 / M / Farmer /300 /800/Tennessee Mary Anne / 49 / F / Louisiana Burril / 25 / M / Texas Mary / 18 / F / Louisiana Griffin /16 / M / " William /14 / M /" Hardeson /12 / M /" Eveline / 11 / F /" Mathew / 6 / M / " Richard Jenkins / 58 / M / Farmer / Georgia

    #65 /#61 / James Perry / 27 / M / Farmer / 250 /160/ Texas Lucinda / 21 / F / Louisiana Burrel H /1 / M / "
(notes: The James Perry above is James Richardson Perry, son of Orville and Mary Ann Perry, and his wife Lucinda Penny and son Burrell H. sw)

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