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Georgia and Tennessee


1784 ( Jan.17) - Joshua Thornton of Wilkes co, Ga and young Thornton of Franklin co, NC to Joshua Perry of Franklin co, NC 400a land willed to Joshua and Young Thornton by their father, John Thornton, dc d. on Little Shockoe Creek whereon the said John Thornton lived and died - beginning at the mouth of Gantís Old Spring Branch along Gant s line to Thomas Hill s line, then along Robt. Hillís line to Williamsonís line to Presley Nelm s line to sd. Joshua Perry s line and to Wm. Jones line to the beginning; witness: Burell Perry, Jurat; Elisha Hunter; registered March Court 1795 ( Franklin County, NC Book A and Book 1
1779-1797, p 154 ).

1786- Burrell Perry witnessed deed of Joshua Perry of Franklin co, NC to Willis Perry, land in Wilkes co, Ga, now Warren, on waters Hardin s Creek, Little River ( DBk A, p 161)( Willis moved from Franklin co, NC to To Warren ( formerly Wilkes) in 1786 according to Rev. pension application.)

1787 - Willis owned 400 acres in Cpt. Winne s Dist, Wilkes co, Ga on Ogechee. Burrell had 200a Wilkes co; 431 1/4a Franklin co; 575a Greene co. ( This is Burrel Perry of Franklin co NC who married Elizabeth Massey and had brothers, Joshua and Jeremiah. DBk 5, p.318 & p.33. Other Burrell Perry in Greene 1788.)

1791 - Willis & Burnet ( Burrel ? ) Perry in Wilkes

1792 - Burrell had 100a on William s Creek, Wilkes co adjacent Solomon Lockett in Col. Alex. Lockett s Btn.

1791/92 ( old Burrell) 287 + a Greene county on Oconee River, 718 + a Washington co on Williamson s swamp, 200 a Wilkes co

1793 - Capt. Thornton, trustee of old Burrell Perry s lands of 575a in Greene co, 431a Washington co, and 200a Wilkes ( by me: there s a 287 + a difference in lands in Greene and Washington counties but total is same acreage. This deed may help explain some of the difference. ( Ogelthorpe county, Ga. Deed Book B, p 180, Book F, p 59 ) Joshua Perry, of Franklin county, NC, 02 Feb 1797, to my Uncle Burill Perry 200a half of 400a granted Joshua Perry 22 Sep 1784 by Ga on waters of Long Creek, Wilkes co, Ga; witness: Benjamin Robinson, William Perry, Howell Tatum, Thomas Thornton.) 1793 - Willis & Burrell in Cpt. Campbell s Dist, Wilkes co.

1798/1800 - Burrell & Easter ( Hester) to John Chapman 100a on waters of Williamson s creek ( Warren co Deed Bk A, p 386; Hiram Perry, witness)

1799 & 1801 - Jackson co, Ga tax list: Wm. Rainwater, Newsome Rainwater in Aaron Wood s District

1800 Franklin County NC census: p 465, Burrell Perry: 1-2-0-0-1 / 0-1-1-0-0- 0-6; p 476, Burrell Perry, Sr.: 0-0-1-0-1 / 0-0-1-1-1- 0-0

1801- Burrell #1 dies in Franklin co, NC 1801 - Cpt. John Breed s Dist., Willis Perry rendered property for old Burrell (#1) Perry: 575a Greene co on Oconee adj. Zach. Glass; 431 + a Washington co on Williamson s swamp, adj. BURRELL PERRY; 200 a Ogelthorpe on Long Creek adj. Barnett Smith.
In Cpt. William Smith s Dist: Burrill Perry 100a on Williamís Creek adj. Richd. Heath. ( Clearly two distinct Burrellí s and old Burrell owned in excess of 1200 acres while
Burrell #2 owned the 100a on William s creek. While not father and son there is a familial relationship between them. Why would his nephew, Willis, render his
property rather than his son and heir, Burrell, unless he d already left Georgia.)

1802 - Burrell Perry s Commission ( Military Commissions, State of Georgia, 1800-1806, p.376): .. To Burrell Perry, Gentm., Greeting, . Appoint you captain of the Company in the Battalion of the Warren county regiment of Militia, formed for the defence of this state, Dated at Louisville 26 Oct. 1802 ( Burrell Perry was clearly living in Georgia at this time so why would the commission be dated in Louisville? Just my rambling thinking.)

1803 - Jackson co, Ga tax list: Newsome Rainwater, Burrell Perry ( I can not locate the precise source for this momentarily but until I do, please, don t quote as fact.)

1804 - Jackson co, Ga. Tax list: Newsome Rainwater, Richardson Perry

"Petitions to the General Assembly of Tennessee" complaining that an act of previous
session shorted Wilson Co. of 155 square miles. Sept.30, 1803: Burrill Pery, Drury Perry, Nathíl. Perry ("TN. Ansearchin News" Vol. 41, pgs. 74-75.)