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Virginia and North Carolina


Our Perrys were of the mercantile class and evidence indicates 
that they were associated with the Virginia Company of London and, 
also, with the firm of Perry, Lane and Company.  Family members 
resided in both England and Virginia to oversee the familyís
business. There are documents in Britain relating to them which 
are included in the section on England. 
So many records have fallen victim to nature, war and time that 
tracking them from England to Virginia and then Carolina is 
extremely difficult.  One should remember that this is a work in 
progress, not a completed manuscript.  The purpose in presenting 
this as is is to prove/disprove what we already have and to locate 
new sources of information.  With that in mind let us continueÖ

Phillip Perry, Sr. was presumably born in England approximately 1648. Heís an uncle to Micajah Perry, Sr. who died in 1721. Phillip (I) emigrated to Virginia by 1655. He married Grace Ö. His will is dated November 20, 1667 and was recorded in Isle of Wight County, Virginia October 9, 1669. It states his age as 70 years and names his eldest son, Phillip, under 21, heir; youngest son, John; wife, Grace; friend and overseer, Ralph Channell. Grace next married Ralph Channell before October 6, 1669. (Isle of Wight county, Va. Wills and Deaths,Bk.2,p.22)

From Phillip Iís will we can deduce that Phillip II was born after 1646 most likely in England as 1655 is the earliest known date Phillip I was in Virginia. We can estimate Phillip IIís marriage as occurring between 1670 and 1680 as most men married between the ages of 21 and 30 years of age. We can further postulate that his son, Phillip III, was born after 1670 and approximately 25 years before the births of his own children began about 1700. His birth would have occurred circa 1675 to 1680; hence, his marriage circa 1695 to 1700.

We can thus postulate that Phillip I and Grace were both born and married in England with the marriage occurring about 1645-1647. Phillip II was born in England, Phillip III in Virginia and that both married in America, probably Virginia.

Some of these Perrys moved to Perquimans County, North Carolina and others to Franklin county, NC. These records pertain to our Perrys:

    1) Nicolas Allred assigned 100 acres ( a = acres ) in Isle of Wight county, Va. To Phillip Perry September 10, 1655. 2) A deed of John Perry, son of Phillip Perry, of ye Whitemarsh, to Col. Joseph Bridger in 1673 recorded Isle of Wight county. ( Would be Phillip II.) Again November 7, 1674. 3) John Perry sold property to Nathaniel Bacon and Elizabeth Perry relinquished her dower to said property May 26, 1673 ( I of W, co. Deed Bk.I ) Elizabeth Perry, wife of Jno.Perry, to Nathan Bacon, June 9, 1675; John Perry of upper parish Nansemond county, Virginia, to Nathan Bacon Ö land in lower parish of Isle of Wight county bought by Jno. Young of Robt. Butts .. May 26, 1675. 4) John Perry received a patent to 320 a in Nansemond county on April 24, 1682 for transporting several persons. He was on the Accomack Rent Roll of 1704 with 217 a. ( Grace Perry ( not Phillip Iís wife ) was listed on the 1704 Prince George county Rent Roll with 100 a and Micajah Perry with 600 a.) 5) Ralph Channell witnessed the will of Daniel Miles on March 1, 1687/1688. 6) Francis Lightfoot, Gent.,of James City county,Va. Received 2,000 acres on December 23, 1714 for the importation of 40 persons including Jane Hunter. ( Patent Bk. 10 )
The following are known Burrell/Burwell Perrys in Franklin, Wake and Bute counties
NC: in the 1790 census these Burrell Perrys were in Franklin co NC:
    1) Burrell Perry ( Sr.; married Elizabeth Massey, d/o Francis Massey; owned land in Franklin & Wake counties,NC and Greene co, Ga. 2) Burrell Perry ( married Hester Bird 1789; moved to Warren co, Ga & Rutherford,Tn) 3) Burrell Perry ( nephew of Burrell, Sr.) ( our Burrell who married Mary Ann Rainwater may be enumerated in another's household as he does not appear in the 1790 NC or SC census as a head of household. He may have moved to Tennessee and did move to Jackson co,Ga, Ms, La, & Tx) ( end 1790 census ) 4) Burrell Perry in Wake county NC who married Elizabeth, d/o John Massey ( still there in 1800 ) 5) Burwell, Srís. brother, John, had a son, Burwell. 6) Burwell, Srís. brother, Jeremiah, married Frances Massey, d/o Hezakiah or maybe John, and had a son, Burwell. ( Burwell Sr s son, Jeremiah, married Temperance Boddie.) The marriage of Jeremiah and Frances Massey occurred 26 May 1778 and Willis Perry was bondsman so it is possible that this Jeremiah may be Willisís brother or father.
#2 Burrell Perry ( at least I think heís the same as the 1790 census enumeration) was born 16 Feb. 1767 NC and married 11 Dec 1789 ( license ) to Hester Byrd/Bird in Franklin co , NC. His father was a dispatch rider who died during the revolution so he is not son of #1, Burrell, Sr. He had a brother, Willis. He lived on Williamís
Creek, Warren co,Ga in 1798 ( Deed Book C, pp. 42-43; witnessed by Hiram Perry
& John Chapman.). Was a Cpt. In Ga Militia ( Land Lottery 1805-06 ) but had moved to Stones river, Rutherford co, Tn by 1807. Later owned land in Davidson co, Tn. Where his will was written 1842 ( Will Bk. 15, pp. 251-253 ) He died 1851.