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Personal Lines Of Perry Research Group Members

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    Lois Richardson: from Francis Perry
    Pete Hamilton: from Jeremiah Perry
    Patty Wilson: from
    Dan Megehee: from Burrell Perry
    Steve Watson: from Burrell Perry and Jane Botts
    Leila Mayberry: from Burrell Perry and Mary Ann Rainwater
    Nancy Jane Dowell: another from Burrell Perry and Mary Ann Rainwater

Lois Richardson

My descendancy, to make it short: Francis, Sion, Ducalion, Gardner D., Selser Howard, A.P. (my father maintained that he had no other name, just initials), and then Lois. I am sure of this line. Descendants of Francis Perry

Generation No. 1

1. FRANCIS4 PERRY (PHILIP3, PHILLIP2, PHILLIP1) was born Abt. 1732 in Nansemond County, Virginia, and died December 27, 1821 in Granville, (now Franklin) County, North Carolina. He married MABLE WHO WAS THE SECOND WIFE? DID HE HAVE CHILDREN WITH TWO WIVES? Fact 1: November 10, 1813, Will, Wake County, N. C., named these Fact 2: September 1814, Sept. and Nov. Term, Petition, division of property. Children of FRANCIS PERRY and MABLE are: i. NATHAN5 PERRY. ii. AARON PERRY. iii. DARLING PERRY. iv. WILLIAM PERRY. v. ANN BRIDGES. vi. RACHEL ARUNDEL. vii. OLIVE WRIGHT. viii. HANNER PARHAM. ix. JAMES LOWRY. 2. x. SION PERRY, b. Abt. 1760, Wake County, North Carolina; d. Abt. 1821, probably Habersham County, Georgia.

Generation No. 2

2. SION5 PERRY (FRANCIS4, PHILIP3, PHILLIP2, PHILLIP1) was born About 1760 in Wake County, North Carolina, and died Abt. 1821 in probably Habersham County, Georgia. He married BARTHENY ARUNDELL October 07, 1782 in Wake County, North Carolina. Children of SION PERRY and BARTHENY ARUNDELL are: i. (MORE)6. 3. ii. DUCALION ALDREDGE PERRY, b. October 14, 1799, Wake County, North Carolina; d. July 23, 1845, Washington County, Texas. iii. ALBERT G. PERRY, b. July 03, 1807. Died in Falls County, TX?

Generation No. 3

3. DUCALION ALDREDGE6 PERRY (SION5, FRANCIS4, PHILIP3, PHILLIP2, PHILLIP1) was born October 14, 1799 in Wake County, North Carolina, and died July 23, 1845 in Washington County, Texas. He married (1) JANE GATES in Washington County, TX, daughter of WILLIAM GATES and CATHERINE UNKNOWN. He married (2) EUNICE E. GARDNER January 21, 1845 in Washington County, Texas, daughter of JOSEPH GARDNER and EUNICE TUCKER, Salem, Massachusetts. Children of DUCALION PERRY and JANE GATES are: i. MARY7 PERRY. 4. ii. SARAH JANE, b. August 26, 1837, Washington County, Texas; d. April 17, 1885, Galveston, Texas. iii. SARAH JANE PERRY, b. August 26, 1837. iv. CLARINDA KATHERINE PERRY, b. August 18, 1839. v. BARTHENY A. PERRY, b. 1840. vi. HARRIET ELIZABETH PERRY, b. September 1841. vii. T. A. PERRY, b. 1842. viii. DUCALION AKA DUKE, b. 1843. Source: Tombstone of Jane Gates (Kuykendall) Perry, Gates-Perry Cemetery, Washinton County, TX; Legal records, Washington County, TX. Child of DUCALION PERRY and EUNICE GARDNER is: 5. ix. GARDNER DUCALION7 PERRY I, b. October 10, 1845, Washington County,Texas; d. October 20, 1891, Anderson, TX Grimes County. Source: Court documents of Washington County, TX. He died intestate; property settlement included lengthy records. Tombstone of Ducalion A. Perry: Perry-Gates Cemetery, Washington County, TX ("oldest cemetery in the country") Records of Millegene Biggers Davis, DAR, DRT and other historical organizations. Tombstone: Eunice Elizabeth Gardner (Little) (Perry) Sherman, Masonic Cemetery, Chappell Hill, TX

Generation No. 4

4. SARAH7 JANE (DUCALION ALDREDGE6 PERRY, SION5, FRANCIS4, PHILIP3, PHILLIP2, PHILLIP1) was born August 26, 1837 in Washington County, Texas, and died April 17, 1885 in Galveston, Texas. She married WILLIAM KENNEDY MCALPINE April 12, 1853 in Washington County Texas. Children of SARAH JANE and WILLIAM MCALPINE are: i. FRANCES LOUIS8 MCALPINE, b. August 15, 1856. ii. HARRIET ELIZABETH MCALPINE, b. November 10, 1858. iii. CAROLINE SARAH MCALPINE, b. December 02, 1860. SOURCE: Records of descendants in the Daughters of the Republic of Texas. Ducalion Aldrege Perry Chapter, D. A. R., Abilene, TX. Other family records. 5. GARDNER DUCALION7 PERRY I (DUCALION ALDREDGE6, SION5, FRANCIS4, PHILIP3, PHILLIP2, PHILLIP1) was born October 10, 1845 in Washington County, Texas,and died October 20, 1891 in Anderson, TX. He married EFFIE SUE RICHARDS February 13, 1868 in Washington County, Texas. Children of GARDNER PERRY and EFFIE RICHARDS are: i. GARDNER DUCALION8 PERRY II. ii. CHARLES PERRY. iii. ALFRED PERRY. iv. WILLIAM PERRY. v. HESTER ANN "NAN" PERRY 6. vi. SELSER HOWARD PERRY, b. August 23, 1875, Washington County, Texas; d. September 21, 1959, Grimes County, Texas buried at Pleasant Hill. GRANDFATHER OF LOIS PERRY RICHARDSON. SOURCE: FAMILY RECORDS AND PERSONAL MEMORY OF ANNA LOIS PERRY (TRAHAN) RICHARDSON. There might have been more children; these are the ones that I can remember.

Generation No. 5


Generation No. 6

7. MAUDIE IRENE9 PERRY (SELSER HOWARD8, GARDNER DUCALION7, DUCALION ALDREDGE6, SION5, FRANCIS4, PHILIP3, PHILLIP2, PHILLIP1) was born February 10, 1899 in Grimes County, Texas, and died September 02, 1985 in Grimes County, Texas. She married JOHN SULLIVAN LANDS Abt. 1918 in Grimes County, Texas. Children of MAUDIE PERRY and JOHN LANDS are: i. Living ii. JOHN LANDS, (Source: Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 6, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Oct 27, 1998, Internal Ref. #; (Source: Broderbund Family Archive #110, Vol. 1, Ed. 6, Social Security Death Index: U.S., Date of Import: Oct 27,1998, Internal Ref. # 8. OLIN TURNER9 PERRY (SELSER HOWARD8, GARDNER DUCALION7, DUCALION ALDREDGE6, SION5, FRANCIS4, PHILIP3, PHILLIP2, PHILLIP1) He married PREBBLE. They had 2 sons, 1 daughter, possibly living. SOURCE: Personal recollections of funeral attendance. Picture of tombstone, by Lois Richardson. Family Bible of Selser Howard and Ella Esther Turner Perry in possession of family. 9. A. P.9 PERRY (SELSER HOWARD8, GARDNER DUCALION7, DUCALION ALDREDGE6, SION5, FRANCIS4, PHILIP3, PHILLIP2, PHILLIP1) He married ELVA ELLEN TRIMBLE ?, daughter of THOMAS TRIMBLE and FANNIE ELLIS. SOURCE: Birth certificates and personal knowledge of my parents. Lois Perry Richardson. Children of A. PERRY and ELVA TRIMBLE are: i. ANNA LOIS10 PERRY, m. (1) GERALD LOUIS TRAHAN, m. (2) ROSCOE FRANKLIN RICHARDSON, There are four daughters, and 7 grandchildren from Lois' first marriage. SOURCE: Personal knowledge, Lois Richardson. 10. HOWARD SELSER9 PERRY (SELSER HOWARD8, GARDNER DUCALION7, DUCALION ALDREDGE6, SION5, FRANCIS4, PHILIP3, PHILLIP2, PHILLIP1) He married CORRINE SMOOT. There is one child from this marriage, who is probably living. He also has 3-4 children. Last report, lived in New York. What is the source of the story of the seven brothers being named for ship captains? This is a new one to me. Does anyone have a source for the idea that they might have been Welch, coming through Virginia very quickly, and landing in North Carolina? Lois I forgot to write about physical characteristics of the Perrys that I have known. Selser Howard Perry had very black hair and eyes, and all of his children were fairly dark except A. P., who was a blue eyed blonde, more like Ella Esther Turner Perry, who was of Irish descent. When Selser was old, he looked like his brothers; all had white hair, big white moustaches, and wore white shirts and black pants, with a Stetson, like a Southern planter might wear. I have "Perry" eyes; that is, small, deep set eyes, like both my father and my grandfather. I have a box of Maudie Perry Lands' old pictures that no one can identify, I am sad to say. One man who does have a name on the back of his picture was Perry Cole, whose father apparently died when he was a child. Perry became a professor of math and then a dean and I think it was at LSU, this century. He might have been in WWI; there are pictures of him in uniform. He might have been a grandson of the first Gardner Perry. I am also very interested in the religious preferences of the Perrys. I know of several Baptists, and some Catholics, who were converts, I think. Lois

Pete Hamilton

Hi, Perry researchers --- As requested, I'm giving my Perry line: 1. Joshua Pearre "Pete" Hamilton -- me. 2. John Pearre Hamilton -- ) 3. Joshua Pearre Hamilton -- (b. 27 Jul 1877 d. 20 Jul 1967) 4. John Hall Hamilton -- (b. 22 Aug 1830 d. 7 Dec 1891) 5. Emily Perry Hamilton -- (b. 29 May 1807 d. 31 Jul 1895) 6. Burrell Perry -- (b. 16 Feb 1767 d. 13 May 1851) 7. Jeremiah Perry Regarding my sources, they are all from family records passed on to me. I don't have birth certificates, etc. I believe the dates to be accurate. The Burrell Perry who is my 3-great grandfather is the one who married Hester Bird in 1789 in Franklin County, NC. He moved first to Georgia, then settled on the Stones River in Tennessee, where he lived the rest of his life. My family records say that the Perrys were Welch, and that Jeremiah Perry is our earliest known ancestor in America. Several people have told me that Jeremiah Perry is one of the "seven brothers", and that these brothers are either the sons of Phillip Perry III or, alternately, of Phillip Perry III's uncle, John Perry, of Nansemond Co, VA. I really don't know. I have lots of information on the descendants of Burrell Perry and his wife, Hester Bird, and am willing to share anything that I have. Pete Hamilton

Patty Wilson

Here is my genealogy profile: 1. Patty Martin Wilson Proof: Birth cert. and personel knowledge. 2. Daughter of Gladys Marie Washington and (Grover Elton Martin) Proof: Birth/Death cert., bible, marriage cert., personal knowledge. 3. Daughter of Edna Mae Perry b-Jan 2, 1895 d-Sept 25, 1989 and (Carlos Ladell Washington) Death cert. bible and personel knowledge. 4. Daughter of William Henry Perry b-Oct 10, 1866 Ark. d-Feb 2, 1961 Tx. and (Elizabeth Blaylock). Death cert., marriage cert., bible, will and personel knowledge. 5. Son of Henry Patrick Perry b-July 16, 1827 Ga. d-Jan 27, 1918 m-(Adaline Clayton). Marriage cert., census, wills, letters, and personel knowledge. 6. Son of William B. Perry b-1780 SC. d-Dec 14, 1837 Ga. m-(Anne and Sarah). Census, Wills, letters, Book (Brooks of Honey and Butter, plantations and people of Meriwether Co, Ga.), and personel knowledge. William and Sarah's first son was Burrell G. Perry b-Dec.14, 1802. d-Sept 10, 1848 in Stewart Co, Ga. Married Marianna Saville. Patty

Dan Megehee

I'm sending the following as my ascendancy chart: 1. Louis 'Dan' Megehee, Jr.(me). Starting with me, the first 5 generations lived and died in Hancock/Pearl River Co., MS. Proof: Bible and Birth Certificate. 2. Son of Louis Dan Megehee, Sr., Proof: Birth & Death Certificates, Bible and Tombstone. 3. Son of Alfred Pinkney Megehee, b. 28 May 1873, d. 5 Sep 1956. Proof: Death Certificate, Bible and Tombstone. 4. Son of James Megehee, b. 16 Apr 1831, d. 2 Jan 1911. Proof: Bible and Tombstone. 5. Son of Rebecca Perry (& James Wood Megehee), b. 7 Jan 1812, d. 28 Dec 1881. Proof: Bible, Will, Power of Attorney and Deeds. 6. Daughter of Burrell Perry (& ???), b. abt. 1768, d. bef. 28 Dec 1840. Proof: Will, Power of Attorney, Deeds, and Census. 7. Son of Drury Perry. No dates. Living in central TN about 1800. Drury listed in his mother's will. No proof: Of father ... circumstantial evidence only. Of son Burrell ... circumstantial evidence only. Proof: Of Mother: Mother is Rebecca - proof in will. 8. Son of Nathaniel Perry. (one of the 7[?] brothers m. Rebecca). Proof: ??? can't find it right now! 9. Son of Phillip Perry. No Proof.

Steve Watson

STEVE WATSON "PERRY" ANCESTOR CHART 1. Steven Edward Watson (me). Proof: Birth Certificate and personal knowledge. 2. Son of Charlotte Jeanine Brown (& John C. Watson) Proof: Birth & Death Certificate, Marriage License and personal knowledge. 3. Daughter of Ida Mae Burtcher (& Humphrey David Brown). Proof: Death Certificate, Marriage License and personal knowledge. 4. Daughter of Alex Edward Burtcher (& Addie Emma Jean Clinger) B: November 1, 1882, D:April 5, 1920. Proof: Birth and Death Certificate, Marriage License and personal knowledge. 5. Son of Anna Eliza Leander Reaves (& Felix B. Burtcher) B: August 6, 1857 D: April 4, 1904. Proof: Death Certificate, Marriage License. 6. Daughter of Mary Jane Guinn (& Wm. Franklin Reaves) B: July 12, 1837 D: June 21, 1882. Proof: Marriage License, Court Records, Deed Records, Census Records. 7. Daughter of Diena Perry (& George Washington Guinn) B:June 27,1821 D: July 27, 1851. Proof: Marriage License. Tombstone. Guinn Bible record. Deed records. Affidavit Proving Heirship. Census records. 8. Daughter of Burrell Perry (& Jane Botts) B: Abt. 1772 D:Between May 25, 1840 & August 2, 1840. Proof: Marriage License. Will. Probate Records. Deed Records. Affidavit proving heirship. Guinn Bible Records. TX General Land Office records. I have some circumstantial evidence that Burrell may have been the son of Drury Perry who died in Wilson Co., TN about 1814, but need more information to be able to say with any certainty that this is a fact. The naming pattern of the children of Burrell is consistent with some of the suspected children of Drury Perry, and there was a Burrell Perry and a Richardson Perry with Drury Perry and his son Nathaniel Perry in Wilson Co., TN in the 1802-1804 time period and two of Burrell Perry's proven children state on census records that they were born in TN during this time period (Orville & Louraney). I believe that this Drury Perry was the son of Nathaniel Perry who died in Franklin Co., NC in 1790 and his wife Rebecca who also died in Franklin Co. NC Proof: Deed Records. Probate records. Will of Nathaniel Perry. Tax Lists. Census records. Steve Watson

Leila Mayberry

I descend from the Mississippi branch of Burrell Perry and his first wife,Mary Ann rainwater's family.. My Descendant from Burrell Perry 1 Burrell Perry b: 1764 (? Franklin, NC) d: December 25, 1840 in Washington, Texas +Mary Ann Rainwater b: Abt. 1768 (?Franklin, NC) d: Bet. 1851 - 1859 Hancock, Ms 2 Mary Ann Perry b: 1790 in NC d: Bet. 1859 - 1869 in Henleyfield, Hancock, Ms +Jeremiah Henley b: 1775 in Orange, North Carolina d: circa 1859 Henleyfield, Hancock, Ms 3 Burrell Perry Henley b: November 30, 1815 Henleyfield, Hancock, Ms d: November 24, 1897 in Pearl River, Mississippi. +Delaney Ann Miller *2nd Wife b: Bet. June 06, 1830 - June 1832 Covington county, Alabama d: March 06, 1911 Pearl River co, Ms 4 Edmond Victor Henley b: January 13, 1853 Henleyfield, Hancock, Ms d: April 04, 1914 Pearl River, Mississippi +Louiza Cooper b: May 11, 1852 Hancock, Ms d: September 16, 1940 in Poplarville, PR, Ms 5 Thomas Randall Henley b: December 16, 1882 Henleyfield, Hancock, Ms d: August 08, 1959 Picayune, PR, Ms +Geanette Florence Breland b: March 25, 1873 Big Level, Wiggins, Harrison, Ms d: January 13, 1964 N.O., Orleans, La 6 Lela Mae Henley b: February 16, 1905 McNeil,PR, Ms. d: May 13, 1975 New Orleans, Orleans, La +Walter Diedrich Wulf b: December 22, 1889 Brooklyn, King, New York d: November 30, 1956 Manhattan, King, NY 7 Audrey Louise Wulf b: New Orleans, Orleans, Louisiana d. Bogalusa, Washington, La +Timothy Andrew McCarthy b: Brighton, Suffolk, Massachusetts d: Chicago, Cook, Illinois 8 Leila McCarthy b: Manhattan, King, New York +Benjamin Mayberry b. Opelika, Lee, Al Sources: 1. Birth and/or death certificates from generation 3 through 8. 2. Marriage records for generations 4 through 8. 3 Church records for generations 3 through 8. ( pertinent one is Sones Chapel in Picayune, PR, Ms.) 4. Tombstones for generation 3 through 8. 5. Census, land, military records as available for generations 1 through 8. 6. Family knowledge which originates predominately with Delaney Ann Miller Henley and Hubert Val Henley but also from other family members, ie., Ruth Henley Harvey, Mary Henley. 7. No definite proof of Burrell Perry or Mary Ann Rainwater's birth or marriage. Hubert Val Henley is sole source of Mary Ann' name.

Nancy Jane Dowell

1. Burrell Perry b: 1764 (? Franklin, NC) d: December 25, 1840 in Washington, Texas +Mary Ann Rainwater b: Abt. 1768 (?Franklin, NC) d: Bet. 1851 - 1859 Hancock, Ms 2. MARY ANN PERRY b.Bet. 1818 - 1821, daughter of BURRELL PERRY and MARY RAINWATER. +JEREMIAH6 HENLEY was born in Orange Co., NC, died Aft. 1869. He married Children of JEREMIAH HENLEY and MARY PERRY are: i. EDMUND7 HENLEY. ii. AMANDA ELSION HENLEY, m. NOON MORAN. iii. DARBY HENLEY. 3.iv. BURREL PERRY HENLEY, b. November 30, 1815, Henleyfield, Hancock Co., MS; d. November 24, 1897, Pearl River Co., MS. 4.v. ELIZEBETH HENLEY, b. November 04, 1826. Generation No. 3 3. BURREL PERRY HENLEY born November 30, 1815 in Henleyfield, Hancock Co.,MS; d November 24, 1897 in Pearl River Co., MS. +(1) ADELINE VICTORIA NELSON. She was born Abt. 1825, and died 1850 in AL. +(2) DELANEY MILLER 1852 in Henleyfield, MS. She was born 1827 in Covington, AL, and died March 06, 1911 in PR Co.,MS. Notes for BURREL PERRY HENLEY: He is buried in Penton Cemetary Ozona, Pearl River Co., MS Children of BURREL HENLEY and ADELINE NELSON are: i. JOHN MONROE8 HENLEY, b. February 27, 1844, HANCOCK CO. MS; d. 1915, Pearl River Co., MS; m. ELIZABETH PRISSY COOPER. Notes for JOHN MONROE HENLEY: He is buried a the John Ford Cemetary, Ozona, Pearl River Co., MS. ii. VICTORIA LOURANEY HENLEY. iii. CASALINE ANGELINE HENLEY. iv. ROWENA JOSEPHINE HENLEY. Children of BURREL HENLEY and DELANEY MILLER are: v. SIMON8 HENLEY, b. 1853. vi. EDMUND VICTOR HENLEY, b. January 13, 1853,Henleyfield, Hancock Co., MS; d. April 04, 1914, Pearl River Co., MS; +LOUIZA COOPER; b. May 11, 1852, HANCOCK CO. MS; d. September 16, 1940, Poplarville, Pearl River Co., MS. vii. BURRELL PERRY HENLEY, b. 1855. viii. MARY JANE HENLEY, b. 1857. ix. GABEL HENLEY, b. 1858. x. AMANDA HENLEY, b. 1859. xi. VICTOR HENLEY, b. 1860; + WINNIE ANTIONETTE SEAL, April 03, 1886; b. April 14, 1867, Hancock Co., MS. xii. ELIZABETH HENLEY. xiii. SABELLA HENLEY. xiv. DANIEL BOYD HENLEY. xv. SARAH MELISSA HENLEY. xvi. POLLY ANN HENLEY. 4. ELIZEBETH HENLEY was born November 04, 1826. +JOHN THOMAS JEFFERSON BURGE 1844, son of GEORGE BURGE and MARY STOCKSTILL. He was born March 1824 in LA, and died in Tate, MS. Notes for JOHN THOMAS JEFFERSON BURGE: [BurgeMS.FTW] [Henley.FTW] John is buried in Tate, MS. Children of ELIZEBETH HENLEY and JOHN BURGE are: i. JOHN RICHARD8 BURGE, b. 1845, Hancock Co., MS; d. Hancock Co., MS; +NANCY WARDEN, November 04, 1865, Hancock Co., MS; b. May 1845, LA; d. MS;. ii. THOMAS BURGE, b. 1848, Hancock Co., MS. iii. ALICE MYRNA BURGE, b. 1849, Hancock Co., MS; +LUKE LOTT. iv. ELIZER JANE BURGE, b. 1850; +JAMES LABORN PENTON, 1875, Hancock Co., MS. v. MARTHA JANE BURGE, b. April 06, 1853, HANCOCK CO. MS; +IRA LOUIS STOCKSTILL; b. April 26, 1856, Hancock, Mississippi; d. August 10, 1940, HANCOCK CO. MS. vi. CORDELLIA BURGE, b. 1861, HANCOCK CO. MS; +ABRETH BRELAND. vii. A. L. BURGE, b. 1863. viii.ALVERETTA BURGE, b. March 06, 1865; d. June 14, 1943; +(1)REUBEN PEARSON; +(2) RUEBEN PERSON. ix. JOSEPHINE MENDORE BURGE, b. April 14, 1871; d. July 31, 1943; +(1) DAVID QUITMAN STOCKSTILL, August 31, 1890; b. April 14, 1856,Hancock, Mississippi; d. April 09, 1938, Pearl River Co., MS; +(2) JOHN GRIFFIN Notes for JOSEPHINE MENDORE BURGE: She is buried in the Biloxi Cemetary. She and John are listed in the City directory of Biloxi, MS in 1941.On her death Certificte in 1943, she is listed as Josephine Griffin, this is the way her gravemarker also reads. Notes for DAVID QUITMAN STOCKSTILL: He is buried in Pine Grove Cemetary, Pearl River Co., MS.

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