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Perry Confused? So Many Burrell or Burwell Perrys!!

Compiled by Steve Watson

    BURWELL PERRY, born about 1772 continued BURWELL PERRY, son of William Perry, b. before 1790 in NC Return to Perry Confused

BURRELL PERRY #5, born about 1772 continued

[Fayette Co.,TX, Dd.Bk.S, p.361-362 (No.8568, filed 8 Apr 1867; recorded 18 Apr 1867)]:{28 Feb 1867 (Williamson Co., TX)} - For $325, James G. JONES and wife Martha A. JONES, William F. REAVES and wife Mary J. REAVES [with her mark], and W.W. GUINN, sign an Indenture to sell and convey to L.C.GRAVES all their interest in a tract of land known as the Burwell PERRY League, situated on the headwaters of Navidad Creek in Fayette Co., TX. Their interest is claimed "under our mother, Diena GUINN, the daughter of Burrell PERRY,"... and warrant only as far as we and our heirs are concerned this is to act as a Quit Claim Deed, and no further. /s/ Martha A. JONES [Martha A. PERRY] Wits: J.G.JONES , Wm. WROCK(?) , J.G.JONES [James Green "Jim" JONES], W.W.GUINN [William Wesley GUINN] Mary J. (X) REAVES [Mary Jane GUINN] William F. REAVES {26 Feb 1867 (Williamson Co., TX)} - J.G.JONES acknowledged to Levi PENNINGTON, Co.Clk., that he executed and signed the above document, and also swore that W.W.GUINN acknowledged to him that he executed and signed the document and requested said J.G. JONES to sign as witness. At the same time, Martha A. JONES appeared and when privately examined separately acknowledged that she understood and signed same.-----{5 Mar 1867 (Hays Co., TX)} - William F. REAVES acknowledged that he signed the document. At the same time, Mary J. REAVES appeared and, having the same fully explained to her separate from her husband, signed the same.

18 Dec 1877, McLennan Co., TX - Hood Co., TX, Deed Records Book B, pp.404 "Affidavit Proving Heirship" State of Texas } Co. of McLennan} We, R.H. CLEVELAND & Elizabeth PIPKIN of the state and county aforesaid, do solemnly swear that we were personally acquainted with Burrell PERRY who died in Washington County Texas in 1840 leaving surviving him as Heirs legitimate children in law (viz): Diena PERRY who married Geo. W. GUINN, Dianna PERRY who married Mark W. DYKES, and Rebecca PERRY who died in 1842 and never was married. He also had a Richardson PERRY who was killed at the fall of the Alamo in Bexar County, Texas, in 1836 had never been married and that Burrell PERRY's widow Jane PERRY died in Gonzales County in 1851 also Diena PERRY wife of GEO W GUINN died in Gonzales Co in 1851 and George W. GUINN died in Colorado Co. in 1866. They, the said GEO W. GUINN and Diena GUINN his wife had three legitimate children to die: Irena GUINN died in Washington Co., TX, in 1845 not married, John GUINN died in Gonzales Co. in 1852 not married, and Amanda Texana GUINN died in Colorado Co. in 1866 not ]married— all of these having died prior to their Father's death. The said Geo. W. GUINN & Diena GUINN his wife left as legal heirs in law four surviving children (viz): G.R. GUINN, Mary Jane GUINN now Mrs. REAVES, Martha Ann GUINN now Mrs. JONES, and William Wesley GUINN all of whom are now living. /s/ R.H.CLEVELAND & E.PIPKIN Subscribed and Sworn to before me W.A.TAYLOR a Notary Public in and for the County of McLennan State of Texas this 23rd day of December AD 1876 In witness of all which I hereto sign my name officially and affix my seal of office in Waco TX this 23rd day of December AD 1876 /s/ W.A. Taylor Filed for Record July 3rd 1877 Notary Public Recorded July 14th AD 1877 Mclennan Co. TX [See also, Hood Co., TX, Dd.Rec.Bk.B, pp.391-399]

BURWELL PERRY, son of William Perry

#6. Burrell Perry (son of William Perry) b. before 1790 in NC
    d: April 1860  married  November 07, 1807 in Wake Co., N.C.
    + Polly P. Abbot	

children of #6 Burrell Perry and Polly P. Abbot

2  Nancy Perry	b: in ?	d: in ?
   +Obediah Dickens	b: in ?	d: in ?
   m: December 1851 in ?	
2  Clinton Henry Perry	b: January 02, 1822 in ?  d: 1880 in ?
   +Mary Jane Andrews	b: May 18, 1824 in ?	
   m:  May 30, 1844 in ?  d: January 29, 1866 in ?
   *2nd Wife of Clinton Henry Perry:	
   +Martha Lafter   b: 1842 in ? m: May 20, 1868 in ?	
   d: January 27, 1929 in ?
2  Kimbro J. Perry

Notes for #6 Burrell Perry: 1830 Census Franklin Co. North Carolina Page 344. Name Burrell Perry Males <5 5<10 10<15 15<20 20<30 30<40 40<50 50<60 60<70 0 2 2 1 1 0 1 1 1 Females <5 5<10 10<15 15<20 20<30 30<40 40<50 50<60 60<70 0 0 1 1 1 1 0 0 0

1840 Census Franklin Co., North Carolina Page 69. Name Burwell Perry (Trim) Males <5 5/10 10/15 15/20 20/30 30/40 40/50 50/60 60/70 70/80 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 1 0 0 Females <5 5/10 10/15 15/20 20/30 30/40 40/50 50/60 60/70 90/100 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 1 0 1

Franklin Co. NC Deed Book 27 March Session 1834-December Session 1838 Book "P" Page 367. Burrel Perry deed of gift to his children: daughter Nancy Perry, son, Kimbro J. Perry, and wife, Polley Perry, June 6, 1837.

Franklin County, NC Deed Book 28, page 318. Burrell Perry Bill of Sale to Isaac Perry for his interest in negroes belonging to the estate of "my Father," Wm. Perry, deceased, Jan. 28, 1842.