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Perry Confused? So Many Burrell or Burwell Perrys!!

Compiled by Steve Watson

    BURWELL PERRY, born about 1735 in Virginia BURWELL PERRY, son of John Perry, b. before 1755 BURWELL PERRY, son of Burwell Perry & Elizabeth Massey BURWELL PERRY, son of Jeremiah Perry & Jane Return to Perry Confused

BURWELL PERRY born about 1735 in Virginia

#1. BURWELL PERRY was born about 1735 in Virginia, and died 1801 in Franklin County, NC. He married ELIZABETH MASSEY about 1752. Notes for #1 BURWELL PERRY: Burwell Perry, was born in Virginia probably about 1735. He was one of seven brothers who settled in Nansemond and Surry Counties, VA prior to 1746, In that year, or soon afterwards, they all moved to North Carolina, settling in what was then Granville and Bute Counties. Mrs. Hattie Perry Stallings, in her article "The Ancestors of Hattie Perry Stallings", in The Heritage of Wake County, NC, published by the Wake County Genealogical Society, writes "According to family history, the Perry's came to North Carolina in 1746 and settled in what is now Harris Township, Franklin County. Seven brothers, Jeremiah, John, Francis, Joshua, Nathaniel, William, and Burwell made this move because they were displeased at their father's second marriage." Burwell, who was presumably the youngest of the seven brothers, was the only one of the seven whose name did not appear on the muster rolls of Colonel William Eaton's regiment in Captain Osborne Jeffrey's Company in 1754. Burwell Perry married Elizabeth Massey, daughter of John Massey. Deed of Gift, of two negroes, dated 19 January 1775 from John Massey to his daughter, Elizabeth (Massey) Perry, wife of Burwell Perry. Witnesses: James and John Perry. Proved by James Perry, August Court 1775.

A Deed from Burwell Perry to John Perry was proved by the oath of Burrell Perry, Jun'r a witness thereto, and on motion the same is Ordered to be Registered. Bute County NC Court Minutes, 16 February 1776. The will of John Massey, Sr., dated 11 March 1777. Wife Francis Massey. Sons William Massey and John Massey. Daughters Sarah Bird, Amey Massey, Francis Massey, Elizabeth Perry. Plantation bought from John Massey to be sold. Executors: Son John Massey & Burrell Perry. Witnesses: Patewills Milner, William May, Patience Denby. John Massey qualified as executor and will proved by William May, May Court 1777.

Will of Burwell Perry: Signed November 5, 1800, proven June Court 1801, Book B Page 118, Franklin Co., N.C. To wife Elizabeth Perry the use of the plantation with lands lying on east side of Tarr River; after her death son Joshua Perry and 2 daughters Edith Perry and Mary Perry to possess said land in common while the daughters remain unmarried, and they not to have the privilege of working any laborers but their own; should the daughters have married by the time of my wife's death or choose not to live on the said land, the land to go to son Joshua Perry. To wife Elizabeth 4 negroes Hannah, Peter, Barb, Brister. Give to daughter Edith Perry during her life 4 negroes and their increase: Suck, Dick, Adam, Isam; at her death they and their increase to go to her children and if none, then they to be divided among the 5 children: Jeremiah Perry, John Perry, Burrell Perry, Joshua Perry, Mary Perry. Also to daughter Edith 1 gray mare, bridle and saddle, 1 feather bed and furniture, 2 cows and calves. To daughter Elizabeth Jones 1 negro woman Nelley and her child Hannah. To son Burrell Perry all the land purchased from William Jeffreys in Wake County; 4 negroes Sam, Step, Harry, Jude; 1 gray horse, bridle and saddle, 1 wild mare and colt, 1 yoke of oxen, 3 cows and calves, 3 other young cattle, 1 negro boy Dred. The crop at Nuse (Neuse?) and the crop "where I now live" to be used to fatten the hogs and for the support of the stock at both places; such hogs to be sold and the proceeds to be divided 2/3 for son Joshua Perry and 1/3 for son Burrell Perry. To son Joshua Perry all lands on west side of Tarr River; the negroes Casar, Tant, Old Lewis, Jenny, Young Lewis, Jake, Bede, Sam, Sall; 1 2-year old sorrell, 1 bridle and saddle, 1 sorrell mare Paul, 1 yoke of oxen, 3 cows and calves, 3 other young cattle, 1 ox cart, 1 feather bed and furniture. To daughter Mary Perry during her life "the labour of my four negroes" Vilet, Sarah, Adam, Hard; after her death the negroes to go to her children and, if she has no heirs, they to be divided among the 5 children Jeremiah, John, Burrell, Joshua, Edith Perry; also to her a (word omitted) named Mark, 1 saddle and bridle, 1 feather bed and furniture, 2 cows and calves. All the lands in the state of Georgia be sold at executors' discretion and proceeds divided equally among 4 sons Jeremiah, John, Burrell, Joshua Perry. Remainder of estate not disposed of to go to wife Elizabeth. Executors: 4 sons Jeremiah, John, Burrell, Joshua Perry. "It is my earnest desire that no inventory of my estate should be taken." Signed. Witnessed: Willm. Lancaster, Williamson Harriss, John Perry. Proved in open court, June Court, 1801, by oath of William Lancaster.

Burwell Perry died in Franklin County, NC, at his home place"Cascine" about 1801. Elizabeth (Massey) Perry died in 1828. The Perry homestead where he lived is about five miles from Louisburg, NC. This place was patented by Jeremiah Perry, Burwell Perry's brother, who willed it to his son Jeremiah. Jeremiah Perry afterward sold the place to his uncle Burwell, and it has been in possession of his descendants ever since.

    1790 Census Halifax District.Franklin Co., North Carolina. FWM/16> FWM/<16 FWF AOFP Slaves Perry, Burwell 3 0 4 0 22 1800 Census Franklin Co., North Carolina. Page 476. Perry, Burrell Senior <10 10<16 16<26 26<45 45> Males 0 0 1 0 1 Females 0 0 1 1 1

BURWELL PERRY, son of John Perry, b: before 1755

#2. Burwell Perry (son of John Perry) b: before 1755 d: 1816 in Franklin County, NC; married Elizabeth (Perry) children of #3 Burwell Perry and Elizabeth 1. John E. Perry 2. Sally Perry m:Edmund Jordan August 31, 1801 in Franklin County, NC

Notes for #2 Burwell Perry Will of Burrell Perry, recorded Franklin County, NC Will BookE, page 123, dated 10 July 1816. To my wife Elizabeth, Simon, Peter,Sook, the remainder of stock, household and kitchen furniture after paying my debts, during her life; after her death to be divided between my son John and my daughter Sally Jordan heirs. To my son John E. Perry, 3 small negroes (Ester, Sim, Bith), the land where I now live 170 acres. To my daughter Sally Jordan, boys Bob, Adam, girl Liller. Executor: Friend William Murphy, son John E. Perry. Burrell Perry (x). Wit: W. O. Davis, James Ross, Jr., Abraham P. Hall, Elias Williams. December Court 1816.

1790 Census Halifax District.Franklin Co., North Carolina. FWM/16> FWM/<16 FWF AOFP Slaves Perry, Burrell 1 3 3 0 3

1800 Census Franklin Co., North Carolina. Page 465. Perry, Burrell <10 10<16 16<26 26<45 45> Males 1 2 0 0 1 Females 0 1 1 0 0

1810 Census Franklin Co., North Carolina. Burrel Perry, Senr. <10 10<16 16<26 26<45 45> Males 1 0 1 0 1 Females 0 0 2 1 1

BURWELL PERRY born about 1764

#3. Burwell PERRY ( son of #1 Burwell Perry & Elizabeth Massey ) b: Abt. 1764 d: 1839 in Wake Co., N.C. Married Clara ROGERS d: 1847 in Wake Co., N.C. children :

    Fabius H. PERRY Mary G. PERRY Samuel C. PERRY Sidney S. PERRY Thadeus H. PERRY

Notes on #3 Burwell Perry. BIRTH: Jan 1764/1768, "Cascine" Plantation, Franklin Co., NC. ( I do not know where this birth date originated, it was given to me by others with no source. SW )

1790 Census Halifax District.Franklin Co., North Carolina. FWM/16> FWM/<16 FWF AOFP Slaves Perry, Burwell 1 0 1 3 3

1800 Census Wake Co., North Carolina. Page 756. Perry, Burrell <10 10<16 16<26 26<45 45> Males 0 1 1 0 0 Females 0 0 0 0 0

September 25, 1809. Greene County Georgia Land Records. Book CC Page 318. Burrell Perry of Wake Co., N.C., and Joshua Perry of Franklin Co., N.C. for love and goodwill they have for their brother, Jeremiah Perry and for the sum of $10, give land left by their father, now deceased, Burrell Perry, Sr., of Franklin County N.C. Wit: Nathan Perry & Nicholas Curry, both of Washington Co. Recorded 23, October 1809.

1830 Census Wake Co., North Carolina Page 443. Burrell Perry Males <5 5<10 10<15 15<20 20<30 30<40 40<50 50<60 60<70 0 1 0 2 1 1 0 1 0 Females<5 5<10 10<15 15<20 20<30 30<40 40<50 50<60 60<70 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 Total of 22 Slaves

"In NC Report (NC Supreme Court) Vol 36, p. 17, Sidney S. Perry vs. James D. Newsom, Admin. of Burwell Perry, 1840 is found... Burwell Perry died in 1839. He had illegitimate children named Sidney S. Gay, Samuel C. Gay, Mary G. Gay, and Fabius H. Gay, all of Wake Co NC...they having their mothers last name. In 1828 the NC General Assembly passed an act legitimizing their names to Perry."

1. Copy of the Raleigh Register Newspaper dated Saturday, October 5, 1839 showing the death notice of Capt. Burwell Perry as follows: "In this County, a few days since, Capt. Burwell Perry, an old inhabitant." Note: The first name Burwell was mispelled as "Burnwell" in the reference I first found mention of this death. 2. Copy of a Court File containing various petitions and documents relating to the transfer of Guardianship of Thaddeus H. Perry, a minor and heir of Burrell Perry, from Clara Perry to Sidney S. Perry of Greene Co., Alabama. I tried to summarize the pertinent genealogical data below: a. Clara Perry, in a petition filed against James D. Newsom, Administrator of the Estate of Burwell Perry, Nov 1839 Session of Wake Co., NC Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions, states that she is the widow of Burwell Perry of Wake County, who died intestate during the current year. (1839) She also states in this petition that Burwell left surviving him your Petitioner his widow & several children most of whom are of age. This petition concludes with a request for one year's support for her and her family. b. Clara Perry admits that Thaddeus H. Perry is her son by her husband, Burwell Perry, dec'd. Also, that Thaddeus H. Perry has removed to Greene Co., AL where Sidney S. Perry lives. c. Sidney S. Perry files a petition dated 1843 showing his appointment as the Guardian of Thaddeus H. Perry by the Orphans Court in Greene Co., AL., and asks that he be recognized as such in North Carolina. d. Sidney S. Perry asks, as Guardian, that certain property belonging to his ward, Thaddeus H. Perry, be delivered to him for removal to AL for use by said ward.

Many thanks to Jim Allen for putting together most this information on Burwell Perry.(SW)

BURWELL PERRY born February 16, 1767

#4. Burrell Perry ( son of Jeremiah Perry & Jane ) b: February 16, 1767 in North Carolina d: May 13, 1851 in Davidson Co., Tennessee married Hester Bird b: September 08,1767 in North Carolina m: December 11, 1789 in Franklin County, NC d: June 23, 1855 in Davidson County, TN. Children of #4 Burrell Perry and Hester Bird. 2 Turner Perry b: Abt. 1797 in Georgia d: September 15, 1863 in Couchville Pike, Tennessee +Rhoda W Goodman b: Abt. 1795 in South Carolina m: March 20, 1817 in Wilson Co., TN d: 1870 2 Burrell Perry, Jr b: January 09, 1805 in Geogia d: November 15, 1890 +Elizabeth Terressa Gleaves b: June 28, 1816 m: WFT Est. 1828-1858 d: March 25, 1879 2 Elizabeth Perry b: 1791 in North Carolina d: WFT Est. 1802-1896 +Matthew Johnson b: Unknown in ? m: WFT Est. 1802-1847 d: Unknown in ? 2 Temperance Perry b: Abt. 1794 d: April 10, 1832 +John Hall b: Unknown in ? m: November 05, 1815 in Rutherford Co., Tennessee d: Unknown in ? 2 Charity Perry b: 1800 in Geogia d: 1882 +Cyrus Sharpe b: WFT Est. 1783-1803 m: Abt. 1832 d: Abt. 1823 *2nd Husband of Charity Perry: +John G. Clements b: 1799 m: WFT Est. 1816-1841 d: 1851 2 Patience Cook Perry b: August 22, 1802 in Warren County GA d: November 17,1889 +John Smith b: Unknown in ? m: September 10, 1822 in Rutherford Co.,TN d: Unknown in ? 2 Emily Perry b: May 29, 1807 in Morrow Haden Community, Davidson Co., TN d: July 31, 1895 in Stewart's Ferry Road, Davidson Co., TN +Eleazar Hamilton b: October 10, 1793 in Tennessee m: November 20, 1823 in Davidson Co., Tennessee d: November 05, 1871 in Stewart's Ferry Road,Davidson Co., TN

Notes about #4 Burrell Perry and Hester Bird.

1820 Census Rutherford Co., TN. FAMILY HEAD Perry, Burrell WHITE MALES Un/10 10/16 16/18 16/26 26/45 OV/45 0 1 0 0 0 1 WHITE FEMALES Un/10 10/16 16/26 26/45 OV/45 0 2 0 0 2

1830 Census Rutherford Co., Tennessee. Page 349. Name Burrell Perry Males <5 5<10 10<15 15<20 20<30 30<40 40<50 50<60 60<70 0 0 0 0 2 0 0 0 1 Females <5 5<10 10<15 15<20 20<30 30<40 40<50 50<60 60<70 0 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 1

1850 Census Davidson Co., TN Family 568 Page 425 Name Age POB Burrell Perry 83 NC Easter 82 NC Elizh. Bird 81