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Separating and identifying the numerous Burrell Perrys is most confusing because of the repition of Perry given names. Lois Perry Richardson began this outline in an attempt to put them into order by dates. Others have also contributed. It is easy to see that several Burrell Perrys were living at the same time and even in the same place.

    I. Burwell Perry, father, Phillip Perry III, m. Elizabeth Hunter; born: 1735, Virginia; Died: 1801, Franklin Cty., N.C.; Married: Elizabeth Massey, 1752; Children: Jeremiah, John (Thicket), Joshua, Rachel, Mary, BURWELL, Edith, & Elizabeth. II. Burwell Perry I, father, Burwell (b. 1735) m. Elizabeth Massey; Born: Jan. 1764, Franklin Cty., N.C.; Death: Dec. 25, 1840, Washington County Texas; Spouses and Children: NOT 2 & 3 1. Clara Rogers, Child: Sidney Perry (seems most do not believe in this one) 2. Mary Ann Rainwater Children: Diana (Dinah), Richardson (Rich), >>Mary (Polly Perry\Nancy), Rebecca, Diena (This can't be all >>of them!) >> 3. Jane Batts (some believe to be Bates, or Botts, or Butts), Jan. >>5, 1838, Washington County, TX. (Which of the children >>are actually hers?) >> >>III. >> Burrell Perry f. Jeremiah b. Mar. 31, 1731 m. Jane (?) b. >>about 1740 >> Born: Feb. 16, 1767, North Carolina >> Died: May 31, 1851, Davidson County, Tennessee >> Married: 1. Hester Bird Dec. 11, 1789, Bute County, N. C. or >>Franklin Cty.? >> Children: Elizabeth, Temperance, Turner, Charity, Patience, >>BURRELL B. Jan. 9, 1805; and Emily >> >>IV. >> Burrell Perry, Jr. f. Burwell Perry IV m. Hester Bird >> Born: Jan. 9, 1805 in Georgia >> Died: Nov. 15, 1890 >> Married: Elizabeth Terressa Gleaves >> Did they have children? >> >>V. >> Burwell Perry II f. John Perry I b. 1727 m. ? Ruffin b. >>1746 >> Born: ? >> Died: 1816, Franklin County, N. C. >> Married: Elizabeth (Perry) >> Children: John E. and Sally >> >>VI. >> Burwell Perry III f. Capt. John Perry (Thicket) m. Elizabeth >>Boddie >> Born: 1798 Franklin County, North Carolina >> Died: 1862 (Will) >> Never married; no wife or children in Will. (?) >> (His father, John, was the son of Burwell Perry and Elizabeth >>Massey) >> >>VII. >> Burrell Perry IV f. William Perry m. Mrs. William Perry, >>Jr. (???) >> Married: Mary P. (Polly) Abbott >> Children: Clinton Henry, and Nancy >> >>VIII. >> Burrell P. Perry >> Born: 1804, Alabama >> Married: Victoria Nelson >> >>IX. >> Burrell Perry V f. James Perry m. ??? >> Died: about 1844 (Will) >> Married: Unknown Perry II, March 10, 1840 >> (note: His father, James, was the son of Capt. John >>(Thicket) Perry and >> Elizabeth Massey >> >>Do you have more Burrell Perrys that we can add to this list? >> >>Are these correct, according to your records? Is this what everyone else >>already knew, and therefore were trying to share with others? >> >>Do you have some back in England? >> >>Lois Perry Richardson (annarich)


The Known Burrell Perrys