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It is obvious that there are plenty of Perrys and we have discovered that there are enough Burrells to fill a barrel. Sorting them into the proper family groups is a major challenge and some have been led awry by the will of Burrell Perry, Sr. His will is very specific, naming each of his children yet much confusion has arisen because there are so many Burrells who "fit" as his son. Identification of his son is crucial to identifying our own Burrell and establishing his correct parentage. I believe Iíve finally identified which Burrell is the son of Burrell Perry and Elizabeth Massey and have verified my suspicion that there are two Burrell Perrys in Georgia 1780s-1807ish and possibly three. ( See Documents section for wills.)

Burrell,Sr. died 1801 in Franklin county, NC and his will itemizes his property in North Carolina and Georgia and names his children. Pertinent here is that his son, Burrell, received all my lands I purchased of William Jeffreys in Wake county, NC on both sides Nuse Riv & Joshua, all my lands lying on west side Tarr River, Franklin county, NC & all my lands in the state of Georgia. There are three Burrell Perrys in Franklin/Wake/Bute counties NC who fit the profile of Burrellís son but I believe I've them accounted for now.

    1) Burwell, son of Capt. John Perry of Franklin co,NC & 
       Elizabeth Boddie, He had four sisters and a brother, 
       Thomas, So,he's NOT  old Burrell's son.
    2) Burwell, son of John Perry & ?, son of Phillip Perry 
       III ( although there is a significant questionable time 
       frame); Had brothers, Bennett H, Abraham S, Jeremiah 
       Ridge, & Solomon & six sisters.  So, heís NOT 
       old Burrell's son.
    3) Burwell, son of Jeremiah Perry& Francis Massey; 
       had brother, Willis;  married Hester Bird. 
       He's NOT old Burrell's son. 
    4) Our Burwell,  who married Mary Ann Rainwater, is NOT 
       old Burrellís son as will be demonstrated. ( Our 
       Burrellís birth date is estimated as circa 1772 from 
       an entry in Stephen F. Austinís register which states 
       that he was  58 years old in November 1830.  His wife, 
       Jane Botts, was 37 years which places her birth at circa
       1793.  Texas records indicate that Burrell died between 
       May 25 and July 31, 1840.)
    5) Burrell Perry, son of William, who married Polly P. 
       Abbott on November 7,1807 in Wake county.  He was 
       supposedly born in 1798 but that would make him only 
       9 years old at his marriage so his birthdate is wrong.
    6) Burwell, who is old Burrellís son is in Wake county.

North Carolina:

Wake County Marriages - Burwell Perry & Polly Abbott, 07 Nov. 1807; William Abbott, bondsman.   ( Like we need yet another Burwell!!)

NC Taxpayers:

    Burrill Perry - Bute county 1766 Burrell Perry - Bute 1771 Burrell Perry - FWV 1771 ( 2 Burrells very early )

Bute County Rec. Bk. 2, p 64:  Deed of gift of 2 negroes 19 Jan. 1775 from John Massey to his daughter, Elizabeth Perry, wife of Burrell Perry;  wits:  James Perry, John Perry.
John Massey, Sr's will - March 11, 1777;  wife, Francis Massey; sons, William Massey & John Massey;  daughters, Sarah Bird, Amey Massey, Francis Massey,Elizabeth Perry;   plantation from John Massey to be sold;  execs:  son, John Massey & Burrell Perry;  wits:  Patewills Milner, William May, Patience Denby; pvd. May court 1777.


Tax Lists:

Wilkes county 1791
    Burnet Perry, p013 CR Dist;( probably Burrel rather than Burnet) Willis Perry, p013 CR Dist

Wilkes county 1793 Capt. Thorntonís Dist

    p65)  Samuel Thornton as trustee for Burrell Perry- 287 1/2a in Green co;  431a in Washington co; 200a in Wilkes co & 192a in Wilkes on L.Riv. (THIS WOULD BE OLD BURRELL & SEEMINGLY INDICATES TWO MEN)

Wilkes county 1793 Col. Alexanderís Reg., Cpt. Campbellís Dist.

    p21)  Burrell Perry - 100a- 1 free wm over 21- adjacent Lockett.

Warren county  Capt. Campbell s Dist. 1794  

    p14) Willis Perry - 1wp- 5 slaves- 250a - on Williamís creek adjacent Rogers & Lockett p27) Burrell Perry - 1wp - 100a - on Williamís creek & adj. Scott & Lockett ( A Doctor Perry in Greene co, p 031 & Benjamin in Warren, p166)

Warren county 1798 /  ND Dist

    Burrell Perry- p007 Burrell Perry- p006 Willis Perry- p006

Warren county 1801

    Burrell Perry, p044 SM Dist Burrell Perry, p033 BD Dist Willis Perry,  BD Dist

    Capt. Baker's Dist Warren co 1805 p28) Burrell Perry 1 wp- 3 slaves- grantee, Jenkins- on William's creek & adjacent Heath

Appears to be two Burrell Perrys in Warren county until but not after 1801 which would be accounted for by the sale of old Burrellís Georgia lands.

Dirby Hindley and Nusom Rainwater's names were drawn as a petit juror on Monday, April 8, 1799 by the Jackson county Superior Court. These are other family members.

These other Georgia tax listings may prove useful:  

    ( name- county/district- year- page) Newsome Rainwaters- Jackson/WO-1799-p 037 Wm. Rainwaters- Jackson/WO- 1799-p037 William Rainwaters - Jackson/WO- 1801- p010 Newsome Rainwaters- Jackson/WO- 1801- p 009 Newsome Rainwater - Jackson/WO- 1804- p 031 Richardson Perry - Wilkes/HR- 1805- p031 Richardson Perry - Ogelthorpe/SH- 1810-p031

The 1805 Georgia Land Lottery verifies that the Burell Perry who married Hester Bird is the same man as the Burrell in the Georgia Militia.  

    ( Name- serial number- results- county of residence) ( B= Blank, no land drawn) (Captain) Burrell Perry- 1026- BB- Warren Willis Perry- 1050-B-Warren

Back to Burrell. Greene County, Georgia: Deed Book F, p 299;  Joshua Perry of Franklin county, NC, gave to Burrell Perry of Greene County on 2 Feb. 1797, 431 acres in Greene co for love & affection;  land originally granted Joshua Youngblood 5 Oct. 1784 for 287 + acres and granted to William Phillips on bounty 20 Sept. 1784;  wits:  Howell Tatum of Ogelthorpe co,   William  Perry, & Thomas Thornton

Bk.F, p 331;  Joshua Perry of Franklin co,NC, on 02 Feb.1797:  287 + acres in Greene county, formerly Washington, for natural love and affection for my worthy uncle, Burrell Perry;  land originally granted as bounty to John Whiteside on 17 Sep. 1784 and bounded Gresham, Crawford, and Edward Higgins;  wits:   Thomas Thornton and Howell Tatum, both of Ogelthorpe, and John Perry and Robert Sanders;   rec. 14 Mar. 1797

Book CC, p 318:  Burrell Perry of Wake county, NC and Joshua Perry of Franklin co, NC, on 25 Sep. 1809, for love and  goodwill they have for their brother, Jeremiah Perry and for the sum of $10, give land left by their father, now deceased, Burrell Perry, Sr. of Franklin county;  wits:  Nathan Perry and Nicholas Curry, both of Washington county;   rec. 23 Oct. 1809.

This just busts my bubble.  Our Burrell was already in Hancock,county Mississippi by 1805 and can not be the Burrell Perry of Wake county, NC in 1809!!   He is NOT the son of old Burrell Perry and Elizabeth Massey!!   Iíve grown so attached to them and am really going to miss them but, as everyone else, I want it all accurate.

I think we still should not dismiss North Carolina and/or Georgia and jump right to Tennessee without more evidence.   There are to many similarities which indicate a familial relationship to these Perrys but I despair ever sorting them all out properly.  I do believe this group has come a long, long way in a short time.  Weíve separated all these Burrells more accurately than has been done previously and if we continue we will determine our Burrell's correct origins.

He can not be the son of Burrell and Elizabeth Massey Perry. Our Burwell would be in Georgia 1780ish-1801 and Mississippi and Louisiana by 1805/08 until the 1830s, it is not probable or plausible that he would return to be named as "of Wake county" in 1810. It is the Wake county Burrell who is the son of Burrell and Elizabeth Massey Perry of Franklin county, North Carolina.